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fire pump engines Parameters

Engine Model4DW81-40GG24DW91-45GG24DW92-68GG24DW93-74GG2
Air intake typeNaturalNaturalTurbochargedTurbocharged & interooled
Cooling systemWater cooledWater cooledWater cooledWater cooled
Cylinder bore*stroke(mm)85/10090/10090/10090/100
Cylinder number4444
Fuel consumption(g/kw.h)235235235235
Oil comsumption(g/kw.h)1.841.841.841.84
Flyweel housingSAE4#SAE4#SAE4#SAE4#
Net weight(KG)205210210210

Engine Model4DX21-81GG24DX22-110GG24DX23-120GG24DX21-96
Air intake typeNaturalTurbochargedTurbocharged & interooledNatural
Cooling systemWater cooledWater cooledWater cooledWater cooled
Cylinder bore*stroke(mm)102/118102/117102/118102/118
Cylinder number4444
Fuel consumption(g/kw.h)230220220230
Oil comsumption(g/kw.h)1.841.8161.8161.84
Flyweel housingSAE3#SAE2#SAE3#SAE3#
Net weight(KG)320379380320

Engine Model6110-JX106110/125-JX106110/125-15GG26110/125Z-18GG2CA6DF2-21GG2CA6DF2-26
Air intake typeNaturalNaturalTurbochargedTurbochargedTurbochargedTurbocharged
Cooling systemWater cooledWater cooledWater cooledWater cooledWater cooledWater cooled
Cylinder bore*stroke(mm)110/120110/125110/125110/125110/125110/125
Cylinder number666666
Fuel consumption(g/kw.h)220220220220200200
Oil comsumption(g/kw.h)1.761.761.761.762.662.66
Flyweel housingSAE3#SAE3#SAE3#SAE3#SAE3#SAE3#
Net weight(KG)600600600600600600

Fire engine gasoline engine vs diesel engine

   Fire engine diesel engine starting speed is higher than gasoline engine starting speed. As the fire truck diesel engine is near the end of the compression stroke, diesel fuel to mist sprayed into the cylinder, and compressed air to form a mixture and spontaneous combustion. In order to make the temperature of the compressed air is higher than the temperature of diesel fuel (about 330 degrees), and to ensure a good quality of fuel injection, the need for higher starting speed (200-300 rpm); and gasoline engine is in the carburetor to start the formation of the mixture, the mixture is formed under good conditions, and its combustion is ignited by the electric spark, so the starting speed is lower (30-60 rpm).

        Fire truck diesel engine than gasoline engine compression ratio is large. For example, 160F diesel engine compression ratio of 20:1, 1E45F gasoline engine compression ratio of 7.63:1, compression ratio of large starting resistance, so the diesel engine than gasoline engine is difficult to start.

        It can be seen that the diesel engine not only needs a larger starting torque than the gasoline engine, and the need for higher starting speed.

main structure and working principle of engine

cylinder block

Air cylinder ,adopting long men structure, HT250 casted, is the basic skeleton of engine.

When installing the main bearing, it can't arbitrarily interchange and the direction cannot be reversed. The main bearing assembly should be in the thread before bolts and head bearing surface oil, tighten bolts adding a few not allow a tight in place, we should start, once among three times to take turns evenly on both ends, tighten the program as follows to :

First tightened torque: 60-80 N.m

second tightened torque:: 160-180 N.m

third tightened torque:: 180-260 N.m

Every tightened, turning the crankshaft to check for flexibility.

Finally, ensuring bolts for checking the torque well at 180 N.m - 260 N.m.

fire pump engines are designed to help power you through a building disaster. Whether it's a small copier fire in your office or a major heat event on an oil platform, turn to us for fail-safe products that will leave you high and dry. Our team offers you customizable expertise backed by the reputation and reliability of a world leader in engine technology.

Many of our fire pump drive engines are Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed and Factory Mutual (FM) certified


What type of drive should be used in a fire pump

Fire pumps are typically driven by electric motors or diesel engines. Consideration must be given to ensure that there is enough power or enough fuel to operate these drives in the event of a fire. Engines are often used as pump drivers where there is an unacceptable risk of interruption, unreliability, unavailability or unsuitable power. 

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