Motor de vehículo EURO III

CA4DH1 series diesel engine

CA4DH cites advanced German design concepts and adopts technologies such as four-valve, high-pressure common rail, and gas-drive after-treatment. It has the advantages of good reliability, small size, light weight, and low fuel consumption.


The main technical parameters

Five characteristics of high possibility, low fuel consumption, high efficiency, low maintenance, and high power are industry-leading

CA4DH1 series diesel engine

Rated power/speedPs/r/min180/2500
Max torque/speedN·m/r/min650/1300-1700
External Characteristics Minimum Fuel Consumption Rateg/kW·h197
Emission routeEGR+DOC+DPF+SCR
Overall Dimensions (length, width and height)mm846×682×885
Engine mass (excluding aftertreatment)kg410

Pioneer Power

High-efficiency supercharging technology, large torque at low speed.

Unique driving calibration technology, the vehicle speed up quickly.

Low-speed torque is 15%-20% higher than that of similar domestic products, and the maximum torque covers a wide range of rotation speeds, making it easier to start, and no gear shifting when going uphill.

Stable and reliable

High-strength alloy cast iron cylinder block and cylinder head, high strength and good rigidity.

Double-layer water jacket cylinder head, good cooling effect, integrated gas drive SCR, extremely streamlined, no urea pump and no separate control unit, low failure rate, high attendance rate, more money.

Economical and fuel-efficient

2000bar high pressure common rail system, excellent atomization, full combustion, better economy, saving fuel and money.

Comfortable and worry-free

Optimized design of cylinder block and head, good rigidity and low vibration.

Optimize the combustion pressure rise rate, the combustion is soft, and the noise is low. Plastic oil pan, good vibration isolation and noise reduction, more comfortable driving experience.

Hassle-free use

36 months unlimited mileage warranty.

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